About Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar

Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar


- M.B.B.S.; D.O.R.L.; M.S.(ENT)
- Laryngologist & Voice Surgeon, Bombay Hospital
- Former Associate Professor (Sion Hospital)
- President, Association of Phonosurgeons of India (2013-2016)

Meet Dr Nupur

Bombay Hospital
Room 213, 2nd floor, New wing
12, New Marine lines,
Mumbai- 400 020. Maharashtra. India
Tel.: +91 22 22067676 Ext. 777.

Clinic: +91 22 23868344

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Atlas of Phonomicrosurgery

By Dr Nupur Nerurkar

ISBN 978-93-5270-224-4

Our voice is integral to our personality and serves in a way as our signature.In today's world, communication is playing an even greater role with the variety of professional voice users encompassing actors, disc jockeys, radio jockey's, news commentators besides of course singers...