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- M.B.B.S.; D.O.R.L.; M.S.(ENT)
- Laryngologist & Voice Surgeon, Bombay Hospital
- Former Associate Professor (Sion Hospital)
- President, Association of Phonosurgeons of India (2013-2016)

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Vocal Fold Paralysis

Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis (UVFP).

One of the vocal folds can become paralysed for a number of reasons. These include:

  • External Trauma(vehicular accidents, strangulation)
  • Surgical trauma(Thyroid surgery, cancer of food pipe surgery, heart surgery, neck tumour surgery, neck spine surgery)
  • Cancer
  • Benign swellings
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Idiopathic

The patient of UVFP has a gap between the vocal folds resulting in a breathy voice and occasional aspiration of liquids. A new breath has to be taken constantly in between words (air hunger) resulting in vocal fatigue.

In this situation, as one vocal fold is moving, voice therapy exercices are given to make the moving vocal fold work even harder and close the gap (compensation exercices)

In the eventuality that the voice does not improve with voice therapy or spontaneous recovery, surgery is recommended. One of the commonest surgeries is thyroplasty where a silastic implant is used to push the paralysed vocal fold medially. If the posterior gap is large then a special stitch called arytenoid rotation or adduction is required.

Vocal Fold Paralysis - 1

Pre operative Rigid Telelaryngoscopy of a patient with left vocal fold paralysis.

Vocal Fold Paralysis - 2

Post operative Rigid Telelaryngoscopy of same patient with left vocal fold medialised with a Silastic implant.

Vocal Fold Paralysis - 3

Video Animation of medialisation Thyroplasty with arytenoid rotation surgery.

Atlas of Phonomicrosurgery

By Dr Nupur Nerurkar

ISBN 978-93-5270-224-4

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