About Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar

Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar


- M.B.B.S.; D.O.R.L.; M.S.(ENT)
- Laryngologist & Voice Surgeon, Bombay Hospital
- Former Associate Professor (Sion Hospital)
- President, Association of Phonosurgeons of India (2013-2016)

Meet Dr Nupur

Bombay Hospital
Room 213, 2nd floor, New wing
12, New Marine lines,
Mumbai- 400 020. Maharashtra. India
Tel.: +91 22 23868344
By Appointment only

Clinic: +91 22 23868344

Facilities Offered

Voice Related Medical Facilities offered at Mumbai Voice Clinic

Rigid Telelaryngoscopy

Rigid Telelaryngoscopy is a simple office procedure performed to view the voice box with the aid of a 8 or 10 mm telescope. When this is attached to a camera the magnified picture can be viewed by the doctor and patient …


A Strobe light is a flashing light that enables us to see a simulated picture of vocal fold vibrations in slow motion. As the vocal folds vibrate 100 to 400 times in a second …

Flexible Laryngoscopy

Flexible scope is use to evaluate the voice box in children and in patient who do not allow a Rigid Telelaryngoscopy in patient with the very strong gag reflex …

Functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES)

A Flexible Laryngoscopy performed while the patient is swallowing is a funcational Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES). Ice, Coloured Cold Water or coloured Apple stew are …

Laryngeal EMG

An EMG performed to test the activity of various intrinsic muscles of the voice box is useful to confirm vocal fold paralysis or vocal fold weakness. …

Botox injection for spasmodic dysphonia with EMG control

Botox Injection for spasmodic dysphonia with Laryngeal EMG control. A needle injecting Botulinum Toxin into the muscle of the voice box in patients of Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Speech Therapy

Many Speech and voice disorders can be corrected with Speech Therapy which is given by trained Therapists. Speech Therapy is very useful …

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