About Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar

Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar


- M.B.B.S.; D.O.R.L.; M.S.(ENT)
- Laryngologist & Voice Surgeon, Bombay Hospital
- Former Associate Professor (Sion Hospital)
- President, Association of Phonosurgeons of India (2013-2016)

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Voice: Frequently Asked Questions

How do we speak?

Two white folds, known as the true vocal folds, are present at the inlet of our breathing pipe. These vocal folds allow us to talk when they come together and vibrate. When they move apart, they form an inverted "V" and allow air to enter the breathing pipe and lungs for us to breathe.

What are the causes of voice disorders?

Infection, injury, paralysis, or tumours of the voice box may result in a hoarse, breathy or painful voice. Children can occasionally be born with an abnormal voice box. Vocal abuse and misuse may lead to the formation of vocal nodules, polyps or cysts.

When should I consult a laryngologist?

A Laryngologist is an ENT Surgeon who specialized in the diagnosis and management of disorders of the voice - box (Larynx).

Please consult a Laryngologist in case of voice change persisting for more than 2 weeks or in cases of repeated attacks of voice change.

What tests will help diagnose the problem?

Since the vocal folds vibrate 100-400 times in a second, a special strobe light is used with a rigid telescope to see these vibrations in slow motion. This test is called "Stroboscopy" which is seen on the T.V. monitor and recorded. A strobe study allows detection of even vary early nodules, polyps, cancer etc.

This is an OPD procedure which is not painful. In small childrens a flexible Telescope is used. Sometimes voice disorders may be neurogenic and EMG of the voicebox may be needed called LKaryngeal EMG.

What are treatment options available?

  • Infections of the larynx usually need Medications.
  • Small vocal nodules respond well to Speech Therapy.
  • However larger nodules, polyps and cysts need remove and state-of-the art "Microflat Surgery" helps in achieving an excellent post-operative voice with a scar less surgery.
  • If vocal fold paralysis does not improve in 6 months then Thyroplasty surgery gives back a strong voice to the patient. Voice surgeries can also be performed to change the pitch of the voice to make the voice more "masculine" or "feminine".
  • Endoscopic Laser Surgery: for laryngeal cancer in correctly selected cases can avoid external surgery with quick healing.

Why cold steel microflap surgery?

microflap-surgeryPreservation of the layered microstructure of the vocal folds is paramount in voice surgery for good vocal results. If the pathology lies in the superficial lamina propria then the epithelim can be fully preserved by elevating it as a microflap. Only pathology is removed, leaving behind normal superficial lamina propria.

Why laser surgery?

The carbon dioxide laser is used in the voice box. The advantages in using the laser are a bloodless field and precision cutting through tissue. The laser is ideally used in diagnosed cancer of the larynx and in benign but vascular tumours such as haemangiomas and recurrent respiratory papilommas. The use of laser in correctly selected cases of cancer has revolutionised its management allowing patients and endoscopic surgery with quick return of eating and speaking.

However, in small benign vocal fold lesions, the laser may cause thermal damage of the superficial lamina propria (jelly layer) with resultant scar formation and poor vocal outcome. This is why many voice surgeons prefer microflap surgery using cold steel instruments in such situations.

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